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Beauty Abounds

Again, my great fortune is made manifest by the lovelies who deign to model for me. The vivacious Veronica Lashe – a study in shadow; along with a thumbnail of ‘turborella’ (aka:rubberotika) The dark and mysterious Raven (“DarkStar”) The arresting AddictionKitten – a portrait study

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Delgo: Nohrin Dungeon

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Various & Sundry

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Few More

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Creature Sketches

Its funny how easily a story develops around a face once you start noodling it out. Within minutes of playing around, you watch as a sketch becomes a character with a history you file away in your head with all the others.* *Ideally, you record those thoughts along with the image for future reference. ‘Cuz […]

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I like latex. Its a shiny 8th layer of skin. I’m not entirely sure why some people automatically associate ‘perviness’ with the wearing of this fabulous material. I suppose that much like the Walking Dead, stereotypes die hard.

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More from White Wolf’s Demon: The Fallen series.

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Escape Corridor & King Fahn’s Bedchamber

At some point, I had to sketch out over one hundred set designs for Delgo. These, in addition to creatures and costumes, meetings and learning new software didn’t give me a lot of time for fully rendered work, like finished paintings. Consequently, much of the surviving production art exists in the form of marker studies. […]

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Prando’s BuzzBucket

Prando was quite the engineer for an Ando (the goblinoid denizens of Perran and servants of the wicked Sedessa). In the film, there’s supposed to be a rollicking chase with Prando in hot pursuit of the hero and heroine through a floating rock cluster. What do you mean it sounds familiar? No it doesn’t-not for […]

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Hunter: The Reckoning – SpellBound

When things are going REALLY well, I get to have some of my wonderful friends model for me on commercial assignments. Here we have Aubrey as a Mage, taking a gracefully defensive position. He is opposed by Chris, a determined Hunter looking to rid the World Of Darkness of one more reality deviant.

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