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All In Their Places…

With bright, shiny faces. Or tentacles, or chitonous mandibles. Okay, so it’s been quite a stretch since the last post, but now there’s rather a load of ideographs worth posting. First up are some doodles I’ve been conjuring while pretending to do my other paying job. The Naga with the big meathooks is the prelim […]

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The Latest

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Perks of the Biz’nizz

Oh yes. Here we have two ravishing and pulchritudinous visions of male ardor: Ms. Diamond Ice, dressed to thrill and Ms. Veronica Lashe at her devilish best Both are fine ladies and impeccable models. Look for more of their charm and vintage hijinx at

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Actually, I’m kind of pleased with the funky organic atmoships.

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Deconstructing Fantasy: The Process Reversed

A little something from the days of yore. At the risk of coming over with unbecoming flippancy, the visuals really ought to tell the story.

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Teamwork: Storyboards & Color Keying

In addition to his own concept work, the mighty Jang Chol Lee lent his considerable skills to the task of drawing all of the storyboards for the Delgo Project. Throughout the boards, you will see Jang’s succinct and fairly distinctive pencil work. It was over copies of his boards that I was required to provide […]

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More Added Dimensions

There are few professional experiences as gratifying as seeing your 2D work translated into 3D.

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Concept Drawrins

Some sketches of costumes/props/characters for an independant film that seems to partake in equal measure of Coffy/Foxy Brown and Barbarella. Wish I could divulge more.

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Sedessa’s “wings”

You may notice that I sometimes call her ‘Surrella’ or ‘Sedessa’ interchangably. The character’s name was Surrella before it was changed to Sedessa. I prefer Surrella, but will occasionally defer to Sedessa for the sake of continuity.

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I Dream of Oni

The sensational Oni* *Oni (?, Oni?) are creatures from Japanese folklore, similar to Western demons, ogres, and trolls. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature, and theatre. (They are also one-of-a-kind sweeties hailing from Atlanta)

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