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‘Ere, what’s all this then?

Hopefully the most well-stocked wing of the gallery before too long. Sketches are the best way to look into artists’ minds and see both how they think and what they’re thinking about. Visual problem-solving can be extremely rewarding if for no other reason than to provide something tangible (or at least visible) to show for all that cogitation. And don’t we love that cogitation. Yes sir.

…where was I?

Oh yes. Some sketches will come with explanations, while others will have to stand on their own merits, assuming they have any. The head shots depicted are of four infernal siblings whose names are all derived from rivers from the Hellenic mythological Underworld (that is I hope its mythological; otherwise, egad!). Its actually an idea I’ve been kicking around about a particularly avernal soap opera (myth opera?). Kind of like, Days of Our Unlives. More on that later.

All you need to know for now is that these particular thumbnails are pretty much actual size and were done while I was “toiling away” at the office. Yeah, artboy has an office job too(oh, the glamour). Actually, one cool thing about doodling at work is that I get to put office supplies (sharpies, white-out, highliters, pencils & pens) to the BEST possible use imaginable.

more to come…

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