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Faeyre Gothgrrl

Goth grrlz…an unqualified plus.

Faeyre gothgrrlz… double-plus good, citizen.

As we delve ever further into the subcult(ure), we’re bound to get into some serious TropicanaTwister-style theme and variation. You know, things that may never have been intended to go together, but just work anyway. Then again, its not as though your (torture)garden variety goths and the Kindly Ones(Lilith’s Hidden Children*), have nothing in common. Let us consider:

  • Both have been feared and misunderstood by the mundane and superstitious
  • Both are often seen to embody the beautiful and grotesque(sometimes simultaneously)
  • Both observe highly esoteric codes of social etiquette that few outside their circle fully comprehend
  • Both can be notoriously image conscious and make wonderful subjects for illustration

Coincidence? You be the judge.

*Apparently, according to one branch of lore, Lilith (Adam’s first wife) was washing her children by a stream. Lilith was almost finished when she suddenly heard the voice of The Lord calling her. In her haste and embarrassment, she hid the children still unwashed from God. When asked if all her offspring were present, Lilith answered yes, upon which God exposed her lie and cursed her hidden children to remain forever hidden from the world of Men. These ‘Hidden Ones’ became the first of the Fae. And the basis for a potentially cool advert for Bath and Bodyworks.

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