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All In Their Places…

With bright, shiny faces. Or tentacles, or chitonous mandibles.

Okay, so it’s been quite a stretch since the last post, but now there’s rather a load of ideographs worth posting. First up are some doodles I’ve been conjuring while pretending to do my other paying job.

  • The Naga with the big meathooks is the prelim for a painting.
  • The Gargoyle and Winged Entity are studies for a friend’s ShadowRun NPC.
  • Mr. Bleurgh and Ms. Gleech work in Sales, but drop by occasionally to hob-nob with “the little people.”

I don’t really expect these pix to turn up anywhere else online. However to be on the safe side, all this work is copyrighted to me, so please be careful where and how you use these images.


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