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I’m a little bit GothPunk… And a little bit SciFi too

White Wolf likes it dark. As you’ve no doubt noticed, so do I.

While it may not be an actual genre in itself, Dark makes an apt adjective to establish the mood for a wide range of settings. The GothPunk millieu of the World of Darkness pretty much sells itself. However, prior to the first Alien film, there wasn’t much to find in the way of “dark” or “gothic” Science Fiction. That the future could be bleak and gritty, or at least drearily downbeat was a novel concept to me as a kid. Watching shows like Star Trek or The Jetsons, you don’t get the sense that little Jimmy Kirk or Elroy Jetson ever worried about the Boogeyman being under their beds. Their futures were too well lit to be scary.

After Alien debuted, there seemed to be more visions of an arguably more nihilistic look at humanity’s future. Perhaps this stems from a time-honored fascination with the unkempt attics and cellars of our own psyches, the possible wellspring from which many of our boogeymen (human/alien/supernatural) emerge.

Whatever the case, the folks at White Wolf were very good at tapping into that wellspring and lending verisimilitude to a series of fictional worlds that seemed to slip effortlessly from out of and back into the shadows of our own.

More to come.

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