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Escape Corridor & King Fahn’s Bedchamber

At some point, I had to sketch out over one hundred set designs for Delgo. These, in addition to creatures and costumes, meetings and learning new software didn’t give me a lot of time for fully rendered work, like finished paintings.

Consequently, much of the surviving production art exists in the form of marker studies. Fairly expedient, markers are great for honing one’s sense of color and composition on the fly. But you can get too used to them, sometimes to the point of attempting “finished” pieces in a medium best suited to quick visual interpretations.

This may not make a great deal of sense to many people-artists included. I look at markers as being a kind of material shortcut to getting your image across. Using them too often can lead to making the shortcut your destination, as it were. This is not meant to denigrate the medium, rather to point out that the merits and flaws of any technique will influence and be influenced by an artist’s intent for the final product.

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    Are you from Helena, AR?

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