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Delgo: Nohrin Dungeon

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Escape Corridor & King Fahn’s Bedchamber

At some point, I had to sketch out over one hundred set designs for Delgo. These, in addition to creatures and costumes, meetings and learning new software didn’t give me a lot of time for fully rendered work, like finished paintings. Consequently, much of the surviving production art exists in the form of marker studies. […]

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Floating Castle (Revisited)

Compare this to the August 29, 2006 entry of my 2D version done in traditional media & ‘Shop. Scott “Howdy” Dace masterfully laid down the 3D tracks and textures.

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Throneroom Hall

The Mighty Sid Moye at the 3D helm (or monitor as the case may be). Normally, I’m not given to sports metaphors, but he could really take the ball downfield when it came to my thumbnails and prelims.

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A Few More Settings

During the course of story development, close to one hundred different sets were designed for Delgo. As a result of a number of story modifications, many more locales were conceptualized than will most likely appear in the film. Should any of these or other sets posted on ATOM ring a bell while you’re gnoshing your […]

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The Palace at Jharmoor

Another preliminary draught. The final needed to be more expansive and palatial. I’ll include the sketch of that in a later post. I do so enjoy inventing exotic names, alphabets and dialects. I’m no Tolkein by any stretch of the imagination, but that never seems to deter me from having a go at it. During […]

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Delgo’s Village

Like most of my work on the Delgo Project, this scene was done in pencil and Berol PrismaColor marker/colored pencil. In other cases, when time permitted, I was able to render in watercolor. Photoshop occasionally came into the frame, but not as often as it could have. This was more out of choice and personal […]

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Floating Castle

we all FLOAT down here… Neurotics build castles in the sky. Fantasy artists draught the blueprints.

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