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The Delgo film is a CG production. Thus, the majority of the concept work that I produced was created with a final, 3D product in mind. It was also part of my responsibility to meet with the CG artists regularly to make sure we were all on the same page with regard to how the flat work would translate into 3D. Naturally, one can take far more liberties in 2D than one can in 3D.

The experience prompted me to think more volumetrically about my designs. You tend to rotate things in your mind as a matter of course, but when you know someone is going to have to build a 3D object from your flat rendering, you tend to want to provide a more “structurally logical” image from which to work.

This doesn’t mean that everything has to be illuminated to the last detail. After all, the CG artists are no less creative and have their own valuable aesthetics/expertise to bring to bear. As with most things, balance is the goal. Ideally, both the 2D and 3D artist should take mutual pride in the final product.

As often as able, I’ll include some of the work my friends/colleagues provided for the DelgoProject to supplement (compliment?) the concept work I did.

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