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Teamwork: Storyboards & Color Keying

In addition to his own concept work, the mighty Jang Chol Lee lent his considerable skills to the task of drawing all of the storyboards for the Delgo Project. Throughout the boards, you will see Jang’s succinct and fairly distinctive pencil work. It was over copies of his boards that I was required to provide […]

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More Added Dimensions

There are few professional experiences as gratifying as seeing your 2D work translated into 3D.

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Sedessa’s “wings”

You may notice that I sometimes call her ‘Surrella’ or ‘Sedessa’ interchangably. The character’s name was Surrella before it was changed to Sedessa. I prefer Surrella, but will occasionally defer to Sedessa for the sake of continuity.

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Delgo: Nohrin Dungeon

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Escape Corridor & King Fahn’s Bedchamber

At some point, I had to sketch out over one hundred set designs for Delgo. These, in addition to creatures and costumes, meetings and learning new software didn’t give me a lot of time for fully rendered work, like finished paintings. Consequently, much of the surviving production art exists in the form of marker studies. […]

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Prando’s BuzzBucket

Prando was quite the engineer for an Ando (the goblinoid denizens of Perran and servants of the wicked Sedessa). In the film, there’s supposed to be a rollicking chase with Prando in hot pursuit of the hero and heroine through a floating rock cluster. What do you mean it sounds familiar? No it doesn’t-not for […]

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Production Thumbnail

At some during production, I took a little time to work up a watercolor sketch of Futou over the mythical land of Imhoff, where Delgo lives. Think of the Futou as flying humpback whales. So far as I know, these creatures are not central to the plot, just languidly soaring set dressing.

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Found these in a file somewhere. It shows some extra detail on the carrier, which draws more attention to the prop/set than the creature in this case.

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Floating Castle (Revisited)

Compare this to the August 29, 2006 entry of my 2D version done in traditional media & ‘Shop. Scott “Howdy” Dace masterfully laid down the 3D tracks and textures.

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Throneroom Hall

The Mighty Sid Moye at the 3D helm (or monitor as the case may be). Normally, I’m not given to sports metaphors, but he could really take the ball downfield when it came to my thumbnails and prelims.

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